Spinido® DJI Battery Dock for Phantom 2 and 3

Product Description

Intelligent charging management can charge up to three batteries automatically, which is more efficiency.

Each battery status is shown by using LED indicators and the product is small and easy to carry.

Internal power management can ensure all the batteries be safety all the time.

External hard materials can protect the battery from other impact damages.

Compatible with DJI Phantom 2 and 3. Please note: the product is excluded battery.

Customer FAQ

Q1:Does it come with the three batteries shown on the pictures come in the package?


Q2:This charger hub charges 3 batteries simultaneously or sequentially? I mean the total charge time of 4 batteries is approximately 1 hour then?

     Charges very slow.... The thing that bothers me is that the connector plug falls apart unless you tape it in. This is a cheap product, but it does eventually charge 3 batteries. 

Q3:who guys know about its material?

     It's very nicely constructed. Hard plastic. very sturdy and durable.

Q4:Does it charge quicker than the original charger that came with the phantom 3 Pro (100w) & Advanced (57w)?

     It appears that even though you can charge up to 3 batteries at once it still seems to take as long as if you were to charge each battery separately. On the plus side, once a battery is fully charged the charger will quit charging that particular battery and continue to charge the rest of the batteries until all are fully charged


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